If you’re curious or serious about selling real estate, your #1 concern is getting the most cash back possible to you.


That, however, is where things get tricky. You can ask anything you like for a property, but the market will unapologetically yawn and pass you by if you price too high. As a professional Realtor ®, I don’t make the market any more than the weatherman (or woman) makes the weather – he or she simply interprets facts to give you a good recommendation.

When you sell your home, it’s based on pricing, promotion, and presentation. I’m the #1 expert you know at helping with promotion and presentation, and helping you decide what price to list your home for. Yes, I know that’s a bit of “tooting my own horn”, but my years of training and experience focused on details of helping buy or sell all day, every day can make a big difference between “sold” and “nibbles but no bites” – the dreaded no-offers, chasing the market down and losing time and money instead of packing up for an exciting new home.

To make sure you get to SOLD, I study very detailed information about homes that actually sold (not just listed for sale) near you and as recently as possible, then track hundreds of moving parts to help you choose the best price, then deal with hundreds of details for promotion (advertising, MLS listing details, open houses, internet, etc.) and presentation (staging or advice on how to make sure buyers who see your home fall in love with it).

Where the fun begins is a friendly dinner table chat at your home, where I’ll provide you a full “CMA” – a Comparative Market Analysis. I’ll answer all your questions, give you a quick run-through of what to expect, then if you like our conversation we can get some basic paperwork together, and I get to work. Why not take a moment now and tell me about your property and your goals, and show you what I can do?