Here are a few real estate problems I can help you solve – click to get more information on any topic:

  • Home won’t sell or home didn’t sell, a.k.a. your listing has expired with no good offers. Click here to learn how I help with “expired listings”.
  • You’re upside down on a house (owe more than the home is worth), or you want to sell or need to sell but can’t afford to pay a Realtor ®, don’t have any equity or have negative equity and need to learn about a “short sale”. Click here to learn about short sales.
  • You want to buy a home, but have damaged credit so you are looking for “Rent-to-own”, a.k.a. “lease option” homes, or seller carried financing homes, land contract homes or other creative financing while you repair your credit. Click here to learn about creative financing options.
  • Taxes: You own investment property you’d like to upgrade or downgrade into another property, but don’t want to pay capital gains tax and so you’d like to learn about how a 1031 exchange. Click here to visit our real estate investing section.
  • FSBO: You think you can sell on your own, but are not sure. Click here to learn about our free FSBO kit, and a contract called “exclusive agency listing” that allows you to save the commission if you do sell the home yourself, but hedges your bets and puts me to work as well so you get the best of both worlds.