How would you like to earn Guaranteed Cash Flow?

How would you like an immediate full-price sale on your property?

Most investors sell a home, then are faced with an immediate problem:

Where to place that capital in a way that will make them money.

The stock market is anything but sure, and sale of any real estate is a taxable event (unless you do a 1031 exchange) – a terrific alternative might be to break up the sale into “chunks”, and spread the capital gains out over a number of years, which may greatly reduce or even eliminate your tax burden.

Banks earn literally billions of dollars per year lending money, and you can do the same, secured by property with rights to foreclose if the buyer doesn’t pay.


  • Selling for full retail price and getting partial immediate cash along with guaranteed payments, with interest, for a few years and then collecting the balance in a single lump sum.
  • Or getting creative and selling the property with debt in place at a very high interest rate but lower price, which then causes the “income” to be taxed as “interest payments” instead of capital gains. Loans can be structured with a “prepayment penalty” to guarantee you get a certain amount of profit, or a “balloon date” to ensure the note doesn’t go longer than a certain number of years or months, or both. You’re the boss! By getting creative, you open up new possibilities for a better sale price or more cash back to you in the end.

Seller financing has been around for hundreds of years, and can be fully secured by the property in the same way a bank has control. Furthermore, the “note” (loan package) can even be written using standard bank contracts, and then be sold! Also, seller financing can be in part or in whole.

Another creative option with a similar result is a rent-to-own or “lease option”. The upside for you as the seller is intent and lower maintenance – this lessor will take better care of the property as he / she / they intend to own it, and you can even include maintenance as the tenant-owner’s expense. This can be a perfect way to command a higher price in a declining market, to work around a loan prepayment penalty, or a way to fetch a higher-than-usual rental price. This is just another tool I have in my toolbox to help you.

With the wave of recent foreclosures, there are many homeowners who now have damaged credit, but a fundamentally sound ability to pay and may have been stuck in an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, or got over-extended on debt but still can afford a dependable monthly housing payment.

Now more than ever, creative flexibility on your sale terms can help you command higher prices, immediate sale in a slow-moving market, improve your overall net yield and cash back to you, and help get a deal closed. You have absolute control, and my job is to make you aware of some of the alternative tools that are gaining popularity. If you decide to use any of these alternative strategies, I or my team of mortgage and title experts can help ensure your interests are legally protected. You already own the asset, and in event of non-payment, you may actually come out further ahead because of fees or forfeited payments, and you’ll have the same legal rights as a landlord or bank.

At any given moment, I have a stable of buyers looking for alternative methods to become a homeowner, and all understand that such flexibility carries a premium over market price. If you think one of these strategies might be right for you, and like the idea of earning an attractive interest rate secured by real estate or above-market rents on a property you own, contact me now. We’ll have a quick conversation, with no obligation, about what might work for you. In all cases, I’m paid only upon success, so you have plenty to gain, and nothing to lose.

Take a moment now and tell me about what you “must have” and “would like to get” in terns of monthly payments, lump-sum cash, and any current financing on the property (if any). If I think I can help, I and my team will get to work, helping to find a buyer that has what you need. I look forward to working with you!