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Livin’ in Lee’s Summit

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of visiting two families in Pittsburg, PA.  Each were from Pittsburgh but had moved to Lee’s Summit for several years  In the past two years both families had moved back to Pittsburgh – one to the north side and the other to the south side. We became very close with each family while they lived in Lee’s Summit.  Both we passionate about Pittsburgh and often told us we would love the city. They were right. We DID like Pittsburgh a lot..  We had the incredible opportunity to see the city from both sides through two different perspectives.   Naturally many areas and features were compare to the Kansas City area. This got me thinking of the things that I  love about  the Kansas City  area and Lee’s Summit  in particular. There are so many tangible and intangible things that make  our area unique.  Therefore  I have decided to get the word out about my city in a new ongoing blog called “Livin’ in Lee’s Summit”. Each blog will feature a place, an event or a reason Lee’s Summit  has grown to be the 6th largest city in Missouri. I hope you will enjoy this series. And I would love your recommendations on places, people or reasons you love living here.

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